Carnegie Skywatch

I just received my May/June issue. I can't believe you removed the "Carnegie Skywatch" section. It was the one and only part of the magazine I used for two months. I really looked forward to reading about possible lunar eclipses, moon phases and where the planets would be. I hope this is only temporary.+ Bring back "Carnegie Skywatch."

 - Rebecca Cottrell

Carnegie Skywatch has moved, but not disappeared entirely from our future issues. It will appear from time to time in the Carnegie Science Center section of the magazine in a slightly different form. You can find it there in this issue. Fans of Skywatch by staff astronomer Jenny Pon can also check out the CSC website at At that site you can find Planetarium and Astronomical Information to see a monthly calendar of astronomical events for the entire year.

 - Editor

A Book Fund in Memory of Bob Croneberger

Your July/August issue memorial to Bob Croneberger pointed out his dedication to our library, our community, and to the larger world of learning, as well as his faith in a democratic society that cherishes free speech and free access to knowledge.

The Friends of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, like all who knew him, admired and delighted in Bob's breadth of spirit, his wisdom, and his humor. The chairperson of the Friends' Advocacy group, Liane Ellison Norman, described "Bob's great gift to Pittsburgh - and beyond that to the world of libraries, especially libraries in cities" as "his vision of this powerful and amazing institution." She said that he "understood the library as a profound force for democracy...a public trust...supported by the people to whom it belongs."

"Bob's idea," said Ms. Norman, "was that the library was a resource for everyone in the community and he accorded everyone respect; he believed that good ideas will drive out bad, that librarians and parents will protect children, that truth will out."

To honor the memory of this remarkable man, the Friends have created the Robert B. Croneberger Endowed Book Fund, the contributions to be matched by the Friends. We invite the public to share in this project by sending a contribution to the Robert B. Croneberger Endowed Book Fund, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Development Office, 4400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.

 - David Vinski, President
Friends of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh


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