Designing the Modern World
A 1936 stainless steel car welcomes visitors in the Steel City to the traveling show: Designing the Modern World 1885Ė 1945: The Arts of Reform and Persuasion.

The Library Center

by Abby Mendelson
The union between Point Park College and the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh creates a remarkable library resource.

A Special Report: In the Field with Carnegie Museum of Natural History
by R. Jay Gangewere

Horse Talk
by Sandra L. Olsen
Your horse sense will tell you that many familiar words and phrases in English are horse-related terms.

The Javanese Gamelan: Ancient Music with Contemporary Appeal

by Kathryn M. Duda

Exotic Indonesian instruments give Pittsburghers a chance to hear music quite out of the ordinary.


Book Reviews

Why Things Bite Back
By Edward Tenneróreviewed by James Trefil

Triumphant Capitalism
By Kenneth Warrenóreviewed by R.Jay Gangewere

Carnegie Skywatch
The March and April Night Skies

Kitchen Theater

Unleavened Cake for Passover
By Lynn Parrucci

March/April Calendar


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