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The Wildlife Paintings of Carl Brenders

By Dana Cooper

Brenders' super-realistic portraits of animals in the wild are part imagination, part inspiration. Thirty of his paintings are exhibited in Carnegie Museum of Natural History February 1-May 18.

Walter Sweadner and the Wild Silk Moths of the Bitteroot Mountains

By Michael M. Collins

A Carnegie entomologist explored the idea of the population, rather than the individual, as the frontier of change in animal evolution.

Civil War Symbolism

By Nona Martin

Eastman Johnson's 1865 painting Union Soldiers Accepting a Drink reveals a turning point in American race relations and art history.

Special Effects

The method behind the magic of filmmaking is displayed at the Omnimax theater through June 12, as Carnegie Science Center presents a film celebrating 100 years of cinematic slight-of-hand.



Earning an "Andy": The Carnegie Centennial Awards

Book Reviews

This is About Who We Are

John Caldwell-reviewed by Mark Francis

Vaquita and Other Stories

Edith Pearlman-reviewed by Ellen Wilson

Carnegie Skywatch

The January and February Night Skies, and Comet Hale-Bopp

By Martin Ratcliffe


Trillium Hunting

By Frederick H. Utech

Working in the Warhol Archives

By John Smith

Kitchen Theater

Chocolate: Food of the Gods

By Claire Spampinato

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