January/February 1996 Cover
Editorial--A Visit to Skibo Castle
By R. Jay Gangewere

Macrocosm to Microcosm: from Stormchasers to Journey into the Living Cell
By Paul Oles

Two new theater programs at the Carnegie Science Center take audiences from chasing cyclones to witnessing the workings of living cells.

Joseph Frazier Wall, 1920-1995: A Memoir

By Liane Ellison Norman

The late historian was Andrew Carnegie's greatest biographer, and a frequent visitor to Pittsburgh.

In the Special Collections Room with Archivist Gregory M. Priore

By Mark Petruzzini

A former Library storeroom is now the site of a rare book collection and the historical resource collection for Carnegie Institute and Library.

Saving Time: the Archives of The Andy Warhol Museum
By John W. Smith

The artist's boxed "Time Capsules" of items collected systematically from his daily life fascinate researchers interested in the richness of popular culture.

A New Look at North American Wildlife
By Kathryn M. Duda

Mammal Hall, one of the most popular halls in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, has been reborn as the Hall of North American Wildlife with a new focus on biodiversity.

On The Cover

A computer visualization of a in cross-section of a cell--one of many 3-dimensional interactive images in Journey into the Living Cell.