Donald G. Warhola

Vice President of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc.

Areas of focus: Andy Warhol, Diversity and Inclusion

Donald G. Warhola is the foundation’s liaison to The Andy Warhol Museum, where he works in the education department as a Warhola family historian. He serves as a board member on the foundation’s board of directors as well as chairman of its audit committee. A nephew of Andy Warhol, Warhola is the son of Andy’s middle brother, the late John Warhola. In 1986, after graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in computer science and business, Warhola traveled to New York City to work for his uncle to install a network computer system for Andy Warhol Enterprises, Inc. Warhola earned an master of arts in social work from the University of Pittsburgh, and he worked in community mental health for 10 years as a child and adolescent therapist. Currently, Warhola works with children who have special mental health needs.

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