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News Worthy Summer 2017

High-flying changes on the North Shore They’ve stood atop Carnegie Science Center’s iconic building since the year 2000: 12-foot-high letters that clearly demarcate the popular North Shore attraction. Their removal was part of the construction necessary to make way for the Science Center’s new, four-story Science Pavilion to be built off the east side of … Continued

Nature’s Garden of Good and Evil

Poison’s role in nature, legend, and human health is complex—from defense to lethal-weapon-turned-lifesaving treatment.

Engineering the Future

Pittsburgh’s legacy of engineering excellence is far from a thing of the past. The region’s big thinkers continue to find solutions to big problems.


Part of Andy Warhol’s Pop-art genius is rooted in his boyhood fascination with movie stars, the springboard for a lifelong infatuation with fame and celebrity culture.

Meaningful Beauty

These art collectors get great satisfaction building their collections—and giving them away.

The Great American Eclipse

August 21 marks a rare opportunity to witness one of nature’s most dazzling spectacles: the first total eclipse of the sun to sweep the country in nearly a century.

Thinking in the Round

For decades, Pittsburgh sculptor Thaddeus Mosley has been circling the wood to find the art within. And this year, a dream of sorts comes true as he joins the ranks of artists he’s always admired as part of the 2018 Carnegie International.

To Preserve and Protect

Behind the scenes with the cultural caretakers of Carnegie Museum of Natural History’s one-of-a-kind collections.

The People Are the Light

How one Pittsburgh-based artist formed a creative community to bring light to the vacant spaces in Homewood.

Inspiring The Earliest Learners

Children are natural-born scientists but need rich learning environments, prepared teachers, and engaged families to feed their natural curiosity. Carnegie Science Center is leading the way.